Wild Windy Winter Weather Worthy of Wearing Woolies to Work for Warmth

Snow so thick it looks like fog (taken at 2:51 in afternoon)
Same view on a clear day

Snowed in once again. Waiting for the snow plow to cometh and clear the driveway. Not that going out today is an option. We’re under a winter storm warning, and there is absolutely no place else I need to be.

It’s been a wild couple days. Forty-eight solid hours of snow, sometimes so dense it looked like fog (see top picture). Followed by wild winds and plummeting temperatures (rapidly approaching single digit °F).

Still getting used to “fluffy” snow. When you’ve grown up with the dense, wet, slushy stuff we get back east, the powdery snow out here is quite exotic. The gusts of wind have been picking up the powder and swirling it around like a winter dance of the seven veils. Or our very own “snow-nado” – which is like a Sharknado, but with snow instead of sharks 🙂

The wind is so strong it is hurling snowballs at us. Unless that’s just the trees using their flocking to get in some target practice. There have been some perfect hits – rattling windows, dogs and humans in the process.

Was planning to suit up and brave the weather to clear the solar panels and capture a little of that energy from today’s shy sun. Every time the thought even flitted across my brain, the winds kicked up, sending towering snow devils rushing in front of the windows. Alas, no Martian dust-devil inspired spontaneous cleaning events here to restore solar power. Then, just as I was firming up my resolve (it’s only going to get colder as the week progresses) an 8 ft x 3 ft slab of snow fell off the roof in front of the atrium. Boom! Our roof calved a snow-berg that landed right where I would have been shoveling. If that’s not a sign to stay indoors, nothing is.