Winter is the "white" season.  It's now dark by 4pm.  Temperatures drop - sometimes below zero.  The lake freezes over.  Snow arrives in waves:  the first big clumpy snowfall that dusts the meadow, then disappears the next day.  The couple-inches that paints the trees and wraps a thin layer of white around the brown spikes of grass.  The four feet in one week that blankets everything, smoothing out all edges and form, and flocking the evergreens until their branches groan under the weight.  Some days the snow fall is so thick, your view is limited to a screen of white.  Other days the skies are grey and forbidding.  And periodically the days are bright and sunny, with blue skies, puffy white clouds and the cleanest air you will ever smell.  Winter truly makes this a wonderland.  And oh, the views...!