And then there are days like today…

February 19, 2018

The skies have cleared, the road’s been plowed.  Following 20 minutes of put on snow clothes stretching and warm-up, an hour of snow shovel cardio opened a path to the solar panels.  Those lovely blue beauties are now clear and pumping over 100 Amps into the batteries.  Gotta love those amps!  And I shoveled the last couple feet of the driveway in front of the garage door.  Escape, if we want it, is now possible 🙂

Thermometer reading at 7:00 am

The morning started cold, but with the sun shining and no winds, the temperature got back into the very comfortable mere freezing zone.  I was roasty-toasty in my gear (euphemism for sweating buckets), while my furry companion was once again rocking her red coat.  She surprised me by going in early – under normal conditions, she’s a dog who would much rather be out than in.  Maybe too much ice and snow for her paws?  She is now curled up in front of the hearth, chasing gophers in her dreams.

I too am back inside, enjoying the fireplace, and listening to the ka-thuds of snow as it falls in clumps off the tower roofs.  Waiting to see if there’ll be another snow-berg calving off the eyebrow roof (there was a crater from yesterday’s calving).  Keeping my fingers crossed that today will be a no generator needed day.  Happy to live in a place surrounded by such beauty.

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