10 Signs of Spring

10 Signs that it could actually be … Spring!

1.  It’s been three weeks since the last snow flurry.

2.  A strange and wondrous ball of light has been traveling through blue skies dabbed with clouds. We’ve had to hang curtains lest we be awoken by bright light streaming in at 5:00am.

3. The lake is completely free from ice, the last brush stroke of snow is gone from the north-facing hill, and everything is turning GREEN!


4.  While the lake is a clear broad expanse of blue, the first lily pads are starting to surface.  Can the moose be far behind?

5. The Western Larches are budding… and those buds have popped


6.  Flowers, baby ferns, and ladybugs are all making an appearance



7.  We can open the windows at night to get fresh air – and not freeze.

8.  The nesting geese …

9.  … have produced GOSLINGS!

10.  It’s May – doggone it.  For comparison, here’s what it looked like exactly one month ago.

Yeah!  We survived winter #2!

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