Hello, I'm Lynne Cooper and I love words...

I've been many things in my life:  student, daughter, mother, teacher, researcher, engineer, wife, mentor, volunteer, activist, leader, follower, scientist, storyteller, joker, actress, director, exhausted.  But no matter what I am - what I love to do is write.  For fun.  Usually just for myself.  The postings on this website are definitely for me, hopefully for the enjoyment of my family and friends, and maybe - just maybe - for greater public consumption.  Welcome.

Life 3.0

Branching out and giving back as a semi-retired learner and philosopher living off-the-grid in rural Northern Idaho

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Life 2.0

Building a career, family and community life as a rocket-scientist,  part-time academic, and mom in suburban Los Angeles

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Life 1.0

Growing up as a coal-miner's granddaughter in a small town in NE Pennsylvania

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